Gardner lab mission statement

Our mission is to discover new and unique aspects of biology, in part to benefit human health and society. We will conduct our science openly and thoroughly, with passion and integrity.

Gardner lab basics

The success of our lab depends upon us functioning as a cooperative and cohesive community. Our science begins with a solid foundation diligently built by those who came before us. It is important that we contribute in the same diligent way so future lab members can continue with a similar solid foundation. To maintain a cooperative and cohesive community together, here are a few things everyone must do:

Enter all plasmids, yeast strains, and oligos that you create into the lab electronic databases.

Freeze as common stocks all bacterial strains with plasmids, yeast strains, and oligos that you create.

Maintain an up-to-date detailed electronic lab notebook accessible to everyone in the lab on our common server.

Be courteous about all common items such as solutions, frozen stocks, glassware, plasticware, equipment, computers, etc. Rinse out all used glassware, and return commonly used equipment to their proper locations.

Maintain a clean work environment, both at your lab bench and in common areas.

Carry out any assigned general lab tasks in a timely fashion.

Thoroughly understand the nature of an experiment before beginning. Read and understand the lab's common protocol for that experiment if one exists.

If you develop a new protocol, make a detailed copy accessible to everyone in the lab on our common server.

Be aware of costly protocols and only pursue them if there is no other reasonable alternative. That includes the use of kits and core services. If you're unsure, just ask me.

Write proposals for all available fellowships.

Attend group meetings, practice talks, and other lab seminars.

Be constructive with criticism, and treat others with fairness and kindness.

Openly and respectfully discuss problems so that they can be resolved fairly. I'm available at any time should a problem arise. If you feel I may be biased, I will help you find a neutral third party to mediate discussions.

By joining the lab, you agree to contribute in these ways.

Most of all, I want you to have a positive experience doing cutting-edge science. Be curious, take some risks, and learn something new!